Participating choirs and ensembles

We invite all member choirs of Legato, the umbrella organisation for lesbian and gay choirs in Europe. Also all members of GALA Choruses, the international Gay and Lesbian Association of Choruses are cordially invited to participate in Various Voices. We are looking forward to about 2500 singers from all over the world.

The focus of our festival will be Southern and Eastern Europe. Therefore we set up a support programme to support choirs from these countries to participate in the festival.

We also invite LGBT*I orchestras not only to perform in the festival orchestra but also to give their own programmes in a 30 minute slot in the home of Munich's biggest orchestra, the Münchner Philharmoniker.

Registered Choirs and Ensembles (97)

Choir City Country
7 Renk Koro Mezitli-Mersin Turkey
Barberfellas London UK
Brighton Gay Men's Chorus Brighton UK
Canberra Gay and Lesbian Qwire
Canberra Australia
Cantatori del Duomo Utrecht The Netherlands
Cantus Obliquus Nijmegen The Netherlands
Carmen Curlers København Denmark
Choeur Mélo'Men Paris Paris France
chor canta:re e.V. Berlin Germany
Classical Lesbians Berlin Germany
CoLeGaS - Coro Lésbico, Gay e Simpatizante da ILGA Portugal Lisboa Portugal
Coro de Hombres Isós Gran Canaria Gran Canaria Spain
Coro Stranivari Terni Italy
Da capo al dente Bremen Germany
daChor Colonia Köln Germany
DE HOMOFONE København Denmark
Deep C Divas West Yorkshire UK
Die Kessen Berlinessen Berlin Germany
Die Kleine Berliner Chorversuchung
Berlin Germany
Die Mainsirenen Frankfurt Germany
Die Schrillmänner, Schwuler Chor Karlsruhe e.V. Karlsruhe Germany
dieTaktlosen Köln Germany
Die WEIBrations Lesbenchor Karlsruhe e.V. Karlsruhe Germany
Diversity Choir London UK
Doodles Prague
Praha Czech Republic
Dorothy's Friends Kharkiv Ukraine
Dublin Gay Men's Chorus Dublin Ireland
Edinburgh Gay Men's Chorus Edinburgh UK
Equivox Paris France
European Queer Choir London UK
Fier! Overschild The Netherlands
GALA North American Chorus USA
Gay Abandon Leeds UK
Gay and Lesbian Singers Auckland NZ Auckland New Zealand
Gemengd Dameskoor Groningen The Netherlands
Gloria, Dublin's Lesbian and Gay Choir Dublin Ireland
Groove Sistaz München Germany
Helsingin gaykuoro Out 'n loud ry
Helsinki Finland
HERRENmitDAMEN, schwul-lesbisches a-cappella-Sextett Köln Köln Germany
Het Herenakkoord Arnhem The Netherlands
Hinsegin kórinn - Reykjavik Queer Choir Reykjavik Iceland
HOMOphon erster schwuler Männerchor Münster e.V. Münster Germany
Homomannenkoor Zangzaad Groningen The Netherlands
Homonics Dublin Ireland
Komos Bologna Italy
Krakofonia Kraków Poland
Lilamunde Lesbenvokal München Germany
London Gay Men's Chorus London UK
Loud and Proud Edinburgh UK
Mallorca Gay Men's Chorus Mallorca Spain
Manchester Lesbian and Gay Chorus
Manchester UK
Mannenkoorts Den Haag The Netherlands
MÄNNER-MINNE Schwuler Männerchor Berlin e. V.
Berlin Germany
Manoeuvre Gay Men's Chorus Amsterdam Amsterdam The Netherlands
Melodiva e.V. Lesbenchor München München Germany
Men Alive Santa Ana, CA USA
Midnight Descant Vinnytsia Ukraine
Miss Klang e.V. Hamburg Germany
Musica Lesbiana Stuttgart Germany
Omphalos Voices Perugia Italy
On That Note! from the Hartford Gay Men's Chorus Hartford, CT USA
OurSong Atlanta Atlanta USA
Philhomoniker - Schwuler Chor München e. V. München Germany
Pink Noise Antwerpen Belgium
Pink Singers London UK
Potomac Fever Washington, DC USA
Queer Choir VML Kryvyy Rih Ukraine
QuerChorallen Berlin Germany
Qwerty Queer Odessa Ukraine
Rainbow Chorus Brighton UK
Rainbow Sound Orchestra Munich
München Germany
Regenbogenchor München e. V. München Germany
Rock Creek Singers Washington, DC USA
Rosa Note Stuttgart Germany
RosaCavaliere e.V. Berlin Germany
Rozenkoor Amsterdam The Netherlands
Sang&Klang:Los! Dortmund Germany
schmaz - schwuler männerchor zürich Zürich Switzerland
Schola Cantorosa - Schwuler Männerchor Hamburg e.V. Hamburg Germany
Schrillerlocken e.V. Hamburg Germany
Schwule Berner Sänger - SCHWUBS Bern Switzerland
Schwullesbischer Chor Köln Köln Germany
Sing Out Bristol Bristol UK
Sing With Pride Norwich UK
South Wales Gay Men's Chorus Cardiff UK
Sweet and Power Bern Switzerland
Tapalanote Bruxelles Belgium
Threee of a kind Münster


Vielhomonie Rhein-Ruhr Duisburg Germany
Voces Gaudii Warszawa Poland
Madrid Spain
Vox Rosa Den Haag The Netherlands
Waldschlösschen-Chor Göttingen Germany
Zauberflöten - Chor schwuler Männer e.V. Köln Köln Germany
Zuckerschnitten Münster Germany


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