Festival Orchestra

General information

Various Voices 2018 will feature a Festival Orchestra and you are invited to be a part of it. The orchestra is open to players with experience playing in classical orchestras. Singers who also play an instrument are welcome to be members of the orchestra in addition to performing in their choir concerts.

Host orchestra

The Rainbow Sound Orchestra Munich (formerly called the Various Sounds Orchester) will form the core group of the Festival Orchestra. RSO-M was founded in 2015 and currently performs as a chamber orchestra. The Festival Orchestra repertoire will call for a full symphonic orchestra: We plan to put together a wonderful international symphony orchestra for Various Voices 2018!

Conductor and timeplan

The orchestra will be conducted by Mary Ellen Kitchens and will rehearse on Thursday to Saturday, May 10th-12th, 2018 at noontime at the Gasteig (Carl-Orff-Saal). Repertoire will be announced by July 2017 and the instrumental parts will be made available in the fall of 2017, well in advance of the Various Voices Festival. The Festival Orchestra will perform at the street party on Saturday, at the closing ceremony on Sunday and during a 30 minute block within one of the concert sessions on Sunday.

How to apply

Please fill out this form to apply for participation in the Festival Orchestra. Mary Ellen will then get in touch with you by email. Once she has confirmed you as a member of the Festival Orchestra she will ask you to register as an active festival participant (via the Integra Planner). If you have already registered for the Festival (as a member of a choir), you must then only fill out the checkbox stating that you are (also) playing in the orchestra.

Apply for the Festival Orchestra

Please fill out this form to apply for participation in the Festival Orchestra.

More about the Rainbow Sound Orchestra and Groove Sistaz