How do I register?

Update 22.5.2017: The organisers admitted the last choirs from the waiting list to the festival in order of registration. The amount of the max. number of participating choirs with 100 choirs is reached now, with an estimated number of 3.400 participants. Various Voices has decided to bring no more choirs on the waitinglist to the festival even if some choirs will cancel their registration, in order to provide even some festival tickets to the Munich public audience.

Registration for participants and delegates ist now open.

The participant registration is made individually and personally via our on-line service "Integra Planner", but not as "collected registration" by the choir / ensemble.

Payments are by Paypal only. Unfortunately guest payment by paypal (without your own Paypal account) is no longer possible due to regulations in Germany. We ask for your understanding, you must have a separate PayPal account or set up one for the registry. We apologize for the inconvenience but please remember that we work as volunteers and want to avoid manual single bookings of thousands of participants. We are sure that there will be sufficient support within the choirs / ensembles to master this "barrier".

Please note that the owner of the paypal account and the delegate doesn't need to be the same - payments can be made by other persons than the delegate. The easiest way is when both do the registration together. If there is no chance for that, you can send an email to "projektgruppe-registrierung(at)" with the name of the delegate and the name of the paypal owner. Both need a festival account already and the delegate has to do the registration process till the end (stopping at the paypal-button). We will connect then the payment of the delegate to the paypal owner. He will find in his festival account an open invoice of the delegate that can be paid by him.

Registration fee

Registration fee by size of choirs and ensembles
Registration open until up to 6 persons from 7 to 15 persons from 16 to 35 persons from 36 to 55 persons 56 persons and bigger
31 Mar 2017

100 €

230 €

330 €

440 €

550 €
31 Dec 2017

150 €

300 €

420 €

550 €

680 €


The participation  fee  for  choirs is  scaled  according  to  the  time  of  registration  and  the  size  of  the choir (total number, not just the number participating here!) and is due with the application.

Registration fee for delegates:
Registration until per person
early: 31 Aug 2017 160 €
regular: 31 Jan 2018 190 €
late: from 01 Feb 2018 220 €

What is included in the fees?

The fee includes:

  • Performance time 30 minutes for all registered ensembles
  • delegate badge with access to all concerts subject to available seats.  
  • admission to the festival at Lake Starnberg
  • admission to all parties in the Gasteig 

Non-singers who accompany the choirs and ensembles are advised to register as individual delegates to be able to get admission to all concerts and events.

Additional events with separate fees: 
Guided city tour: 8 € per person.
Cruise with excursion ships on Thursday May 10, 2018: 15 € per person.
There is only a limited number of tickets available for these events. You can book the tickets in Autumn 2017.


The Integra Planner guides you through the registration process.

Support Programme

Various Voices would particularly like to help the encouraging number of new choirs in eastern and southern Europe to participate (some of them for the first time) in the Festival.

Please consider the deadlines for this programme!

Terms and Conditions


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